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League Champions Team 11 - One Jack Off Again!

2023/2024 Winter League Champions! Congratulations go out to Alyssa Stoltenberg, Rudy M Arzaga Jr, Rudy Arzaga Sr., Chris Curiel, and Ryan Arzaga.


Team Absent Form

You must give 24 hours notice before Tuesday 6:00 PM that your team cannot bowl, or it will be considered a team forfeit. You must have a legal lineup with 3 regular bowlers. Click here.


Join USBC Membership / Sanction Card

Our league is currently isn’t required to be sanctioned. But as an individual, you can still get your Sanction Card / USBC Membership. Click here to sign-up. Cost is $30.00 Click here to find your book average.


League Rules

Beginning of each season we discuss league rules. Please be present at the league meeting. It’s usually at 5:30 PM on the first day of the season. League Rules


Download Vegas or Bust Standing Sheet

We will try to post the standings sheet for each week. You can find out what place your team is in, who you’re bowling against. What lanes you are bowling on, your average, and so on. Learn More


End of Season Sweeper

After the week of the position round, a week after, we will have a tournament sweeper. The tournament is usually held in Vegas. Click here to learn more


Handicap Calculator

We made it easy for you to figure out your handicap. You need to figure out your average first. Click here, and it will take you to the page that has the calculator on there.


League Voting Poll

We may ask you to go online to vote on a specific question. For instance, should we raise our league from $26.00 to $27? Learn More