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Basis Score Average HandiCap


Bowling handicaps are meant to level the playing field, by adjusting your score based on your average. This allows lower-level bowlers in a league to be competitive against much better bowlers. A quick example of how this works is: If your average is 150 and another bowler's average is 200 and you bowl a 160 and they bowl a 200 you would win!

Calculate Your Average

The first thing you will need to do is determine your bowling average, this typically needs to be done by using at least a 3-game average.


Basis Score

Each league will have a Basis Score, if you contact the league administrator, they will offer you this information. This will be a number like 200,210,220,230 etc... This number will typically be slightly higher than the bowler with the highest average in the league.


Basis Score Percentage

The league may also use a Percentage Factor along with the Basis Score, this will typically be 80%, 90%, or 100%.


The Handicap Math

In this example we will say your Average Score is 170 and the Leagues Basis Score is 210 with a

Percentage Factor of 90%.

Begin by Subtracting your average from the Basis Score (210-170 = 40), then multiply that number by the Percentage Factor (40 x 0.9 = 36). Your handicap is 36. So, the first game bowled in your league you bowl a 160, you would add your 36-point handicap to that score and 196 would be your adjusted score.